I'M DANCING ON SUNSHINE  because you have dropped by my little part of Parris's Paradise.  We have some things in common ~ that we believe love triumphs over everything, even death, that we love a tension-packed story, and that we feel the best books sweeten our lives.

I hope to sweeten your life with my 'Freebies and Frostings' (I love eating cake but love eating its icing even better!) ~ check out each month's deal on my Freebies and Frostings' page.

I am over-the-top excited about my latest novel, THE CALLING OF THE CLAN ~ and for Christmas I have discounted it is to only .99 cents as a presale on Amazon.com through December 15th.


My novels reveal a little about me, but I'd like to share more with you ~ along with the 'Freebies and Frostings' ~ here at my website.  Not surprising, I'm coming to know myself better through my novels.

Although I have written a lot of romantic fiction, one of my latest is a mystery suspense ~  Dancing With Wild Woman.   It revolves around Native Americans, as do a lot of my novels.  Why?  Because they know the value of dancing.  Even the biblical King David danced naked for joy in the streets.

Dancing With Wild Woman involves Hopi Prophecy, their internationally famed Snake Dance, and a female Hopi Tracker for U.S. Customs, ICE, who must learn to dance if she is to find a serial killer and keep the world in balance as well as her own off-kilter love life.

Trusting that each of you, along with me, takes the chance  .  .  . and learns to dance!