My great-grandfather was an Indian scout under General Phil Sheridan, a cavalry hero of the Civil War.  Later in life, my great-grandfather owned a blacksmith shop and a corral in Tucson near Fort Lowell, where he had been mustered out.

 Among his incredible adventures on the frontier was his rescue of two white girls who had been taken captive by the Indians, one of whom later wrote a book about it, mentioning my grandfather as one of her two rescuers.

At ninety-two, with an arrow-straight back, he was still performing saber drills.  My grandmother’s door is nicked from those performances.  As children, my mother and her brothers and their friends would listen spellbound to my great-grandfather’s spine-tingling stories about the Indians.

This story, TAME THE WILDEST HEART, is for my great-grandfather, Albert ‘Kit’ McAllister ~ and TAME THE WILDEST HEART is for you for ONLY .99 CENTS on October 15th.

In the unforgiving Arizona Territory, Mattie McAllister desired only to be left alone so she could raise her half-breed son in peace. Then one day Gordon Halpern charged into her world and challenged it with an offer she couldn’t refuse. An offer that meant supreme surrender ~ and meant that Gordon Halpern was both her greatest hope and her greatest fear.