From Parris With Love ~ 

With the wrap-up of my 50th novel, I decided it was time to answer the next call to adventure.  At summer’s end I am moving to Queretaro, Mexico.  Fifty years ago, I moved to Mexico City, where two of my five sons were born.  Three years later, we moved back to the States.  How synchronous life is, coming full circle, fifty years later.

In celebration of this huge, life-changing decision, I am reducing on July 1st only my latest novel, the ebook version of THE BETRAYERS, from $4.99 to .99 cents.

Nothing can keep a Paladin from the woman he loves ~ not even a world war.

THE TEXICANS saga, about a founding family of Texas ~ the Paladins, begins in 1835 with Sam Houston and the epic battle of San Jacinto and continues through thus far to 1963 with Lyndon B. Johnson and the Kennedy assassination.  Follow the Paladins as they love and battle across the legendary panorama that is Texas.

The five volumes in THE TEXICANS series are: The Brigands, The Barons, The Bravados, The Betrayers, and The Banshees (available in ebook, hardback, paperback, and soon audio)

Love and hate combine to endanger the Paladíns and all they hold dear.

In the penultimate volume of her riveting Texicans saga, New York Times bestselling author Parris Afton Bonds weaves the threads of loyalty, class, power, and politics into a single captivating tale of one family’s struggle to survive the fires of war and The Great Depression. Written with the authenticity of an historian, the color of a painter, and the grace of a choreographer, The Betrayers is Bonds at her finest.