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“Happy is the Gypsy woman, with feet dirty from dancing and a heart reckless from romancing.”


Rapscallion Irish Traveller, Romy Sonnenschein, may bamboozle the gullible with her fortune telling and other tricks of the trade, but she is all too often nonplussed when, during fits of boredom at the Gypsy relocation camp, idle Tarot readings for herself consistently turn up the Magician, the Emperor, and the High Priestess.


Of course, she doesn’t believe in card reading, fortune telling, palmistry and fated events like destined soul mates and such bloody rot.  Still . . . .


While she easily foils the Nazi 's Angel of Death, she is having monumental trouble with a handsome but slick, silver-tongued Jewish attorney and a no-quarter-given Texas saddle tramp.


Both she has flim-flammed with her supposed matchmaking skills and more.  And both would do whatever it takes to rid themselves of this capricious thorn who has burrowed beneath their skins ~ or, conversely, give their lives to keep her.


But, to whom will she give her Gypsy’s wild heart?