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ISBN: B00EIR2518

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"The Virginia Company of London seeks one hundred willing maids for marriage to bachelor planters of James Cittie Colony. Maids must be young, handsome, and honestly educated."

Having read this promising broadside, Modesty Brown flees from arrest in London for the safety of married bliss in the New World. At 26, she might not be young, nor handsome, and most certainly not honest. But educated she is ~ educated enough to start her own 17th century dating service/matchmaking for the other young girls who have signed on and taken the voyage aboard the Maidenhead to contract out as brides in Jamestown.

However, upon her arrival in Jamestown, the saucy wench is accused of witchcraft by a ruthless nobleman – and it’s either burn at the stake or do her own matchmaking for herself quickly.

She contracts to wed Mad Dog Jones. His name says it all. Further, he abhors the thought of being saddled with a wife. Yet their passion for one another cannot be denied by night. And by day each is determined to be rid of the other . . . even if it means for Mad Dog gambling off the indentured contract of his wife, Modesty; even if it means for Modesty killing off her master, Mad Dog.