This Thanksgiving, I am truly grateful for my readers. 

Today, November 25th, my Blue Bayou Box Set is discounted to only $1.99!

3d-box-set blue bayou - 2 books


From 1683 to 1803 ~
From the corrupt courts of Versailles to the windswept tracks of Montreal;
From the sea-washed coasts of Nova Scotia to the searing deserts of Algiers;
And from the lush marshes of Louisiana

The proud, aristocratic du Plessis lived, loved, and fought to reclaim what was theirs.

Damien, who claimed the unattainable Minette as his wife and took a nun as his mistress ~ Natalie, who escaped the horrors of Paris’s La Salpétrière prison to flee to the colony of New Orleans as a proxy bride ~ Nicolas, the handsome mysterious half breed whose dark secret shadowed his love for his half-brother’s wife ~ Reinette, Natalie’s daughter, who gave her heart to an outcast and her body to her handsome captor ~and Daniel, Reinette’s son, who thirsted for vengeance and took his enemy’s daughter as hostage.