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Parris Afton Bonds

Parris Afton Bonds breaks with traditional publishing
Author of 35 novels published by Silhouette Romance, Parris Afton Bonds is using Smashwords to self-publish her 36th. “Dancing with Wild Woman,” a mystery/suspense romance set on the Hopi Reservation, is available on Amazon Kindle (, Barnes & Noble Nook ( and

“The publishing industry is changing hugely with introduction of the ebook,” Bonds said in an interview from her home near Dallas. “Many authors are choosing the ‘indie’ route to publication.

“I’m thrilled because I’m in control. I can use the language I want and control the cover, promotion, marketing, and the price. It’s still a learning experience for me. Self-publishing is an incredible opportunity for new writers to get a foot in the door, which they couldn’t with traditional publishing houses.”

Bonds visited the Hopi Reservation three times while doing research. She also relied heavily on Frank Waters’ 1977 “Book of the Hopi,” a non-fiction compilation of Hopi stories, language, rituals and photographs.

Albuquerque ARTS“This is the first time I’ve devoted a work to mystery/suspense romance,” Bonds added. “About 50 percent of my novels have been about Native Americans, so ‘Dancing with Wild Woman’ is in keeping with my love for their culture.”

I asked if “Dancing with Wild Woman” might be the first in a series.

“I didn’t plan it that way, but I liked my female Hopi detective so much I wanted to know what she’s going to do next,” she replied. “But I’ve put that project aside to issue some of my print books in ebook format on Amazon at reduced prices.”

Named one of the three best-selling authors of romantic fiction by ABC Nightline, in the early 1980s Bonds co-founded two prominent writers’ groups: Romance Writers of America ( and Albuquerque’s own SouthWest Writers ( 

“Last April I crossed number 43 off my bucket list,” she said with a smile. “I rode in a hot air balloon. Albuquerque still calls to me, but my family’s here in Texas.”

She misses many Albuquerque restaurants including the Hacienda and El Pinto. “I love the Sandia foothills and the volcanoes, and lots of places in Santa Fe, Rio Rancho and Corrales down by the river.”  

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–Peggy Herrington is associate editor of ABQ Arts & Entertainment.