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History and a Steamy Romance Too

We were immediately drawn into Parris Afton Bonds’ latest novel, Indian Affairs, set in the 1920s that opens with Washington D.C. socialite Alessandra O’Quinn being exiled by her domineering husband and father to Taos to either recover from tuberculosis or die. She falls in love with an Indian shaman, and also finds herself willingly taking on the Bureau of Indian Affairs on behalf of the Taos Indians who have been fighting for rights to Blue Lake. You’ll find yourself as angered as Alessandra is about our government’s treatment of Native Americans, you’ll root for her independence from the domineering men in her life, and you’ll be swept away by her passionate love affair with the Indian Shaman.  Read more below and enter for a chance to win the e-book.

Parris Afton Bonds takes readers into the rich cultural heritage of Native American Indians – one that most of us know little about but whose traditions and strange customs that they work so hard to maintain intrigue us. Indian Affairs is the latest historical romance by Bonds that delves into the lives of the New Mexico Taos Indians; a culture that has existed for over 800 years and their beliefs on land ownership, healing, medicine, death and the afterlife.

Turning conventional wisdom on its head, Washington socialite Alessandra O’Quinn and her lover, Indian shaman Manuel Mondragon, defy time, space, politics and family to come together in the sweeping canvas of the 1920’s New Mexico outpost of Taos. The question is: Can they defy destiny to stay together?

The story follows Alessandra, who has been exiled to Taos to either recover from tuberculosis or die. Her lover, Manuel, battles for her health and her love as Alessandra in turn battles her father and her husband for her right to independence.

Alessandra willingly takes on the Bureau of Indian Affairs on behalf of the Taos Indians who have been fighting for rights to Blue Lake – the lake revered by the tribe who believe their ancient culture was created out of its sacred waters. As a place of ritual worship, the Indians also believe the lake is essential to their religion and everyday life. Against this beautiful, historic backdrop, pass Mabel Dodge Luhan, Willa Cather, Dr. Carl Jung, Georgia O’Keeffe and D.H. Lawrence, among other prominent personages of the day.

Parris Bonds’ compelling story-telling captures the reader’s attention from the first page to the unpredictable ending with powerful characters who come to life through the rich telling of exploits in Indian Affairs – with its lasting message that love triumphs over death.

Declared by ABC’s Nightline as one of the three best-selling authors of romantic fiction, this award-winning and New York Times bestseller has been interviewed by such luminaries as Charlie Rose and featured in major newspapers and magazines, as well as published in more than a dozen languages.

Indian Affairs can be purchased in E-book format online or at author’s website store.



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Parris Afton Bonds certainly knows how to put words on paper to fashion an intricate and exciting story. Indian Affairs is just that.

Alessandra O'Quinn must move to a dryer climate in hopes that the air will cure her tuberculosis. Although she does not want to go, she moves to Taos, NM. The first view of the town is a little foreboding and Alessandra hopes she will get well soon so she and her son, Jeremy, can return to Washington, D.C.

"Something awaited her here in the dead desert, something more powerful than Life, and she feared it might be Death. Death waiting for her with arms wide open."

Surprisingly, her move expands her horizons and allows her to rediscover the avant-garde lifestyle she enjoyed in her youth. She becomes a part of the local "artsy" society and meets many famous people like Dr. Carl Jung, Gertrude Stein, Virginia Woolf and D. H. Lawrence. They introduce her to the local shaman, Manuel Mondragon. The conflict between the two worlds of Alessandra and Manuel makes for some very exciting electricity, both between themselves and their respective cultures.
Parris Afton paints a graphic word picture of the plight and acceptance of the Indian and a descriptive picture of the ones who want to keep their way of life and fight the Washington bureaucrats. Note: As a former librarian, I always wanted to know from reading the reviews if there was any risqué scenes in the book, so I am going to say that there are a couple in this book. The storyline itself is exceptional and it is a book that I know you will enjoy, as I did.
Parris Afton Bonds is the mother of five sons and the author of thirty-five published novels. She is the co-founder of and first vice president of Romance Writers of America. Declared by ABC's Nightline as one of the three best-selling authors of romantic fiction, the award winning Parris Afton Bonds has been interviewed by such luminaries as Charlie Rose and featured in major newspapers and magazines as well as published in more than a dozen languages. She donates her time to teaching creative writing to both grade school children and female inmates. The Parris Award was established in her name by the Southwest Writers Work(s)hop to honor a published writer who has given outstandingly of time and talent to other writers. Prestigious recipients of the Parris Award include Tony Hillerman and the Pulitzer nominee Norman Zollinger. (Quoted from her book)



Katherine Boyer reviews on Amazon

Bonds shows strength at developing the swiftly moving plot . . . An admirable effort that could sway Bonds' romance fans over to the thriller genre.




Kirkus' Review

Indian Affairs (reviewed on October 15, 2012)

A married socialite finds passion in the arms of a Native American shaman in this historical love story from a veteran romance writer.

Set in the 1920s, this novel follows Alessandra O’Quinn, who turns her life upside down when faced with a terminal case of tuberculosis. Alessandra’s doctor encourages her to leave Washington, D.C., for a sanitarium in New Mexico, in hopes that her lungs will “dry out” by spending a year breathing in the desert air. Her husband decides to stay behind for fear that such a long stay away from D.C. would destroy his career. In her new home, Alessandra meets an alluring Native American shaman, Manuel Mondragon. The two become intertwined in each other’s lives, as Manuel tries to heal Alessandra and she fights political players to protect the American Indians’ holy shrine, Blue Lake. With the addition of the Blue Lake plot, Bonds attempts to make a larger statement about society: Diversity must be celebrated and respected. Bonds’ latest work is strengthened by her vividly descriptive prose and brisk pacing. The tale of star-crossed lovers from two different social stratums has been done time and time again, yet in Bonds’ capable hands, the relationship is enchanting. As in many traditional romance novels, Bonds’ male love interest is over 6-feet tall, with dark hair, a “chiseled” face and “overwhelming masculinity.” While these descriptions may seem cliché, they’re still enticing, especially in the romance-novel staple—the love scene. Readers will be captivated by the heat that radiates from Alessandra and Manuel’s most intimate encounters.

Appealing for fans of Bonds’ established romantic style, this time with a message of diversity against an old-time, desert backdrop.


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