I'M DANCING ON SUNSHINE  because you have dropped by my little part of Parris's Paradise.  We have some things in common ~ that we believe good overcomes evil; that love triumphs over everything, even death; that we love a tension-packed story; and that we feel the best books sweeten our lives.

I hope to sweeten your life with my 'Freebies and Frostings' (I love eating cake but love licking the spoonsful of icing even better! Heck, I love licking in the bowl) ~ check out each month's deal on my Freebies and Frostings' page.

My novels reveal a little about me, but I'd like to share more with you ~ along with the 'Freebies and Frostings' ~ here at my website.  Not surprising, I'm coming to know myself better through my novels.

My latest, Monarchs and Painted Ladies, numbers among my departures from my predominantly Historical Romance genre.   Like Snow and Ice and No Telling, it is a Thriller.

"When Madness is Divine ~
When a Viet Nam Vet run amuck joins forces with a roué of a priest and a nutsy nurse to find out why they are being singled out for death ~ 
When Good and God are deceptive ~ and when myth dares to defy dogma."

I will be a guest on Dr Paul's Family Talk on Radio Impact, and I would love to connect with you there.

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                                     FROM PARRIS, WITH LOVE ~