I’M DANCING ON SUNSHINE  because my fabulous publishing house OGHMA is re-releasing my best selling Indian Affairs under the title I had originally selected, WHEN THE HEART IS RIGHT, which so perfectly illumines my novel’s theme ~ that a love so cosmic can transcend the mundane.  Moreover, I took the opportunity in WHEN THE HEART IS RIGHT to re-create and refine this profound love between Man and Alessandra, expressed in their passionate passages. 


I want you to know how delighted I am you have dropped by my little part of Parris’s Paradise.  We have some things in common ~ that we believe good overcomes evil; that love triumphs over everything, even death; that we love a tension-packed story; and that we feel the best books sweeten our lives.

I hope to sweeten your life with my ‘Freebies and Frostings‘ (I love eating cake but love licking the spoonsful of icing even better! Honestly, I love licking the entire bowl).  Check out each month’s deal on my Freebies and Frostings’ page.

I write for the reckless of heart.  Not surprisingly, I identify with my characters, both the protagonists AND antagonists.  I suffer with their angsts and bewilderments and rejoice in their joys and triumphs.  And I believe that if we heroically hold fast to our own vision for ourselves in our journey’s confrontations and challenges, then Life WILL manifest our dreams and goals and visions, as it does for my precious characters in my novels.


By the way, I just returned from a book launching for Jack Woodville London’s CHILDREN OF A GOOD WAR.  He is a wonderful author, and his novel will change how you look at life and people.  Things are not ever what they seem.